Board of Trustees meetings

This page houses archived news releases about the Seward County Community College Board of Trustees.

Academic Year 2022-23

07.2022 – pending upload

08.2022 – pending upload

09.06.22 Budget hearing, athletics options

10.03.22 Frances Brown contract payout, Circle Drive named

11.07.22 Tennis champ, debt reallocation, goats

12.05.22 Moonlight finals, cybersecurity

01.10.23 Organization for 23, Donovan’s retirement

02.13.23 Tuition set, summer schedule, Saints Ahead



Academic Year 2021-22

07.2021 – pending upload

08.2021 – pending upload

09.2021 – pending upload

10.2021 – pending upload

11.2021 – pending upload

12.06.21 BoT welcomes Gunderson

01.11.22 BoT release

Academic Year 2020-21

07.20.20 BoT appoints Dowell as VPAA

08.03.20 BoT Process Tech, MTT will restructure

09.08.20 BoT Trzaska departs; payroll tax continues

10.05.20 BoT Saints athletics fills vacancies, moves to Phase 3

11.02.20 BoT approves expenditure of COVID funds

12.2020 – pending upload

01.2021 – pending upload

02.01.21 BoT Tuition remains level for 2022

02.03.21 Board votes to support Phase 2 of Champions Center

03.04.21 Board approves emergency repairs

05.03.2021 Board renews faculty contracts, agrees to hazard bonus

05.04.21 SCCC President resigns

06.28.2021 BoT meeting story

07.2021 – pending upload

Academic Year 2019-20

08.19.19 2020 Academic year opens with new faculty, eco-devo partnership

09.09.19 2020 Anniversary year off to strong start

10.07.20 Board provides boost to multiple programs

11.01.19 Board gets updates on accreditation, mover groups

12.02.2019 Board approves policy updates

01.13.20 New board structure, economic impact, housing rates

02.03.20 Hickman named Dean of Industrial Technology

03.03.20 Grain elevator program, Epworth plans

03.04.20 Reports from auditor to KBOR

04.08.20 Lengthy agenda covers COVID response, HR structure

05.04.20 BoT meets by Zoom, handles year-end items

06.29.20 BoT sets timeframe for presidential search

Academic Year 2018-19

08.06.2018 Board adopts budget, hears report on Colvin Allied Health

09.11.18 New presidential scholars welcomed

10.03.18 Bids solicited for Allied Health Center

11.03.18 Safer sidewalks coming to campus

12.03.18 Year ends with new employees, high tech

01.08.19 BoT to expand, hlc first look, policy updates

02.04.19 Board approves tuition, student housing increase

03.04.19 Board approves construction of Sharp Family Champions Center

03.04.19 Board works through hefty agenda

05.06.19 Board meets high-achieving students

06.24.19 BoT closes fiscal year

07.29.19 2020 budget, degree requirement adjustment

Academic Year 2017-18

08.09.17 BoT approves names for new buildings

08.11.17 Summer improvement projects reach completion

08.14.17 Trustees repackage capital lease

09.11.17 BoT tours updated campus facilities

10. 2017 BoT mtg. Cybersecurity and long-term strategies

11.06.17 BoT to explore bridge funding for campaign

12.07.17 BoT fine-tunes finance options, approves policy changes

12.13.17 BoT fine-tunes finance options, approves policy changes

01. 2018 BoT appoints Roy Allen as Director of Athletics

02.2018 BoT mtg. Finance bids requested

03.2018 BoT mtg. funding approval, tuition:fees set for 18-19

04.04.2018 French Family Field named

05.09.2018 new WBB coach, gym updates

07.17.2018 Allens say farewell, budget published

Academic Year 2016-17

08.02.2016 BoT mtg. FY 2017 budget adopted

09.13.2016 BoT mtg. Trail system Phase 2

10.11.2016 BoT mtg. Safety,website updates

11.08.2016 BoT mtg. McSpadden steps down

11.11.2016 BoT mtg. Major projects proposal

12.06.2016 BoT mtg. Hobble resigns

01.14.2017 BoT Mein sworn in as trustee

01.23.2017 BoT Discussion of cafeteria upgrade

02.2017 BoT accepts Brenneman resignation

03.08.17 BoT appoints Johnson to fill term

03.09.17 CORRECTED EMBEDDED BoT Tuition, housing rates, AD search reopens

04.07.17 BoT hears first reading of weapons policy

05.01.17 Roy Allen appointed interim AD

05.01.17 BoT discusses Washington Elementary, multiple agenda items

05.09.17 BoT promotes Combs, opts for new sound systems on campus

06.26.17 BoT wraps up fiscal year

07.17.17 BoT publishes 2018 budget

Academic Year 2015-16

08.04.2015 Ready for school year

09.14.2015 New president on board

10.08.2015 Industry certifications double

11.09.2015 HIT degree coming

12.07.2015 Industrial Tech, Ag:Business division reports

01.07.2016 BoT mtg Input invited for name change

02.02.2016 BoT mtg. College name change

03.28.2016 BoT mtg Tuition, dorm rates set

04.05.2016 BoT mtg. President, VP contracts renewed

05.15.2016 BoT mtg. Medical Assistant program discontinued

06.20.2016 End of Fiscal Year, HIT program discontinue

07.19.2016 BoT Budget published with level mill levy

Academic Year 2014-15

06.28.14 End of FY14, math makes high marks

07.22.14 Lower valuations, state policy increase tax levy

08.06.14 Enrollment up, budget approved

09.05.14 Board impressed with 2014-15 Presidential Scholars

10.02.14 Rapp retires, board considers additional sport

11.04.14 Sports stay the same for fiscal discipline

12.10.14 Board Student Dinner, milling machine

01.14.2015 Early retirements announced

02.03.2015 BoT mtg New science labs, virtual tour

03.05.2015 BoT mtg Tuition, dorm fees set

04.08.2015 BoT mtg Carter appointed as dean

04.08.2015 BoT mtg 2 Dunn resigns as president

05.06.2015 BoT mtg graduating class tops 400

06.24.2015 BoT mtg Finalists in presidential search