Southwest Energy Institution Short Courses offered Sept. 14-16

LIBERAL, Kan.  — Business & Industry at Seward County Community College will host the fall Southwest Energy Institute Sept. 14-16. Registration is now open for in-person classes that cover specialized topics in the oil and gas energy trades.

Over a 40-year span, SEI evolved from Gas Compressor Institute and its counterparts, the Measurement and Pipeline institutes. This tightly-focused, efficient institute provides job training for employees in all sectors of the energy industry. It also reflects a pragmatism rooted in a sense of mission. In a region full of oil and gas resources, jobs, and processing facilities, a healthy energy industry means a healthy regional economy.

Regardless of politics, climate change, and economic upheavals, ordinary people drive their cars, adjust the thermostat on the furnace during winter’s bitterest cold, and take hot showers.

“That’s definitely the personal impact of energy trades,” said B&I Director Norma Jean Dodge. “We know that industry partners in our service area continue to look for employees. The big retirement rollover started several years ago, and it’s a challenge to fill those workforce needs.”

The SEI offers a range of technical sessions and provides hands-on training from industry experts. The courses are designed to be efficient and immediately applicable.

“Many of our participants report that they go back to work and put the new training to use right away,” Dodge said. “The instructors we bring in are top in their field and a great value for the students’ investment of time.”

While some employers send workers to the classes as a professional development benefit, participants can register for the SEI courses on an individual basis.

Classes for the fall session of SEI include:

• AC Interference & Mitigation on Pipelines

A comprehensive presentation of the effects of AC power interference on pipelines in common rights-of-way. The training will begin with an introduction of the interaction and impacts of that interaction between pipelines and overhead AC power transmission systems. The final sessions will be on the design, construction, and monitoring of these AC Mitigation systems. Fee: $150; 2 sessions; M. Ames & C. Chapman; CRN#31060; T-W; Sept. 14-15; 9am-4pm and 9am-Noon; TB156

• Line Locating

This one-day session covers the basic principles involved in underground locating. Discussion will include: identifying the appropriate equipment needed to locate underground pipelines; selecting the methods for locating pipelines; identifying the procedures for performing a test equipment check; identifying the process for visually inspecting the locate area and much more. Fee: $75; 1 session; J. Trowbridge; CRN#31063; W; Sept. 15; 9am-Noon; TB152.

Balon: Valves Training

Balon is the leading manufacturer of Ball Valves, Check Valves, and Needled Valves for the oil and gas industry. Join us for a two-hour presentation on valve material selection, valve safety, valve design difference, and their intended use as well as the benefits of domestic sourcing.

Fee: $49; 1 session; C. Smith; CRN#31059; W; Sept. 15; 1-3pm; TB156

Intro to Gas Measurement

Knowing how to perform measurement procedures is a great starting place but knowing why procedures are performed in a specific manner is ideal for personnel and the companies that employ them. In this session, participants will learn about diaphragm, rotary, and meter operation. Additional topics include how pressure and temperature affect gas measurement. This technical session will also discuss pressure factor billing, how to read a natural gas bill, how to turn on and dial shut in, pressure shut in, rotary meter set installation, setting regulator and relief pressure on both high and low-pressure sets. Low and high-pressure troubleshooting will also be covered. Fee: $75; 1 session; M. Holsten; CRN#31062; W; Sept. 16; 8:30am-Noon; TB152


This training will review spring operated regulator operation, pilot loading regulator operation, and troubleshooting. Other topics will include: pilot unloading regulator operation troubleshooting; over pressure protection, IRV and external relief; external relief operation (pilot and spring operated); working and passive monitor regulator sets, operation and troubleshooting (with demo unit); 441 and 461SP operation, tear down (seat setting) and troubleshooting; Fisher 299 operation, troubleshooting (external/internal control line); Fisher 99 tear down and troubleshooting (if time permits); and tear down and troubleshooting of Mooney and EZR regulators. Fee: $75; 1 session; M. Holsten; CRN#31061; W; Sept. 16; 1-4:30pm; TB152

For information, contact SCCC Business & Industry at 620-417-1170, or email

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