SCCC takes time to clean up campus

LIBERAL, Kan. – Seward County Community College held a campus-wide, clean up effort on Wednesday.

Staff, faculty, administration and students took time away from their regular responsibilities, if they could, to help pick up trash and clean up the campus, which ranged from the technical school to the agriculture building and greenhouses to the softball and baseball fields to the areas by the north and south parking lots.

SCCC President Brad Bennett was extremely pleased and proud of the effort by the employees and students.

“It was awesome to see employees from different departments and students working together and having a good time,” Bennett said. “We have such a beautiful campus and we want to keep it that way. We worked hard and filled up six dumpsters of trash. We made a dent.”

This was the first of several maintenance efforts, which will happen throughout the year.

“These (projects) will develop over time,” he said. “We’ll do some painting and gardening and tree trimming – all the aspects of (the upkeep of the campus.)

“It’s all about the ownership of our campus and keeping it clean,” Bennett continued. “It’s also great team-building for us. I’m always proud to be a Saint, but today it makes me a little bit prouder.”

Afterwards, everyone was treated to lunch with Bennett showing his cooking skills by grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

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