College lifts mask mandate

Instructors can still require classroom use

October 1, 2021 :  COVID-19 response

LIBERAL, Kan.  — Seward County Community College will be lifting its mask mandate on campus as of Saturday, October 2. However, faculty and staff may still require that masks be worn in their own classrooms and offices/work spaces.

The college is still recommending that people who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear masks and to continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We urge people on campus to practice social distancing and frequent, careful handwashing,” said SCCC Interim President Dennis Sander. “Additionally, we remind students, faculty, and staff to stay home when feeling unwell or showing symptoms.”

Students and employees in the SCCC community have reported few COVID-19 cases this fall. Several vaccination days offered with Seward County Health Department yielded robust vaccination rates among employees, and the college continues to offer opportunities for students and employees who want to be vaccinated.

“We are reminding everyone that if you feel unwell or experience symptoms, stay home,” said Celeste Donovan, SCCC Vice President of Student Services.

The SCCC COVID response team continues to monitor transmission rates and follow up on cases, Donovan adding that, “Anyone who is exposed or feeling sick should  fill out a COVID report form (available online) so that we can monitor the situation on our campus.”

Donovan, along with SCCC Athletic Director Dan Artamenko and SCCC Vice President of Academics Luke Dowell, is a contact tracer trained through the State of Kansas.


regarding COVID protocols on the SCCC campus:

  • Can employees or students continue to wear a mask in everyday work and studies? Yes.
  • Can students be required to wear masks in the classroom? Yes, instructors have the authority to require this. If they require student mask use, instructors are expected to wear a mask as well.
  • Are visitors required to wear a mask? In public areas, no masks are required. However, all employees have the right to set parameters for mask use in their personal space. If an office has a “mask required” sign posted, coworkers and visitors are expected to comply.
  • Is SCCC still tracking COVID cases or exposure to COVID? We ask all students, employees, and members of the public to continue the processes set up in 2020, using the college’s online form to report yourself, students, or those you supervise when they are ill, test positive, or report being exposed to COVID.
  • Will the college continue to provide COVID-prevention supplies like masks and hand sanitizer? Yes, SCCC has ample supplies on hand and continues to stock them in public areas for anyone to use.
  • Will the college offer vaccination clinics? We are offering a vaccination clinic Friday, Oct. 1, and continue to work with the Seward County Health Department to provide options for students and employees who request help.

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