Saints bookstore delivering books to quarantined dorm students

LIBERAL – When Seward County Community College students come back to the dorms for the spring semester, many will have a head start thanks to the Saints bookstore. Scholarship students will have their books waiting for them when they enter their rooms.

At the end of the year, the Saints bookstore decided to deliver books ahead of time for the upcoming semester.

“We delivered to the dorm students who have scholarships so that once they arrive on campus, they can have their books in their rooms because they will be in quarantine for a certain amount of time,’ said Laci Furr, director of the Saints Bookstore. “We just wanted to make sure that everybody had as much access to their books as much as we could give them.

“We’re going remote for the first week and students literally can’t leave the dorms to come and get their books,” Furr continued. “If we can take as many books as we can over there then that’s what we’ll do.”

The decision to deliver the books early, which took place just before the campus closed for the holiday break, had a dual purpose. Not only would it allow students to get their materials while they were quarantined to their rooms, but also as a safety precaution, relieving the amount of traffic and people in the bookstore and student union.

“As long as (the scholarship students) were enrolled for (the spring semester), we were able to pull their schedule, find their books for their classes, box them up and deliver them to the dorms,” Furr said, adding that if students add or change classes, the additional books can be delivered as well.

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