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It’s the beginning of a year we can only predict will be like no other. After the COVID-19 shutdown last March, offices and classrooms are slowly coming back to life, although life looks much different than it did five months ago.

As Dr. T put it in his introduction to our new semester’s professional development, viewable through this link: PD 2020 program: “Thus far, 2020 has prompted us each to practice tremendous flexibility, courage, and determination in every aspect of daily life, and our important work at Seward is no different. Additionally, we must remember that, in this new reality of global pandemics, increased attention to justice and equity, and the Presidential election that looms ahead, our students have even less life experience to draw upon than we, their SCCC family, have earned through our collective life stories. More than ever, our work matters. It is critically important to uphold the fabric of our community, and to empower our students to pursue excellence and make a positive difference in the world. I am convinced that we will succeed in the work we have begun together, and I am confident it will continue through your efforts. Betterment, as we have learned, is a perpetual labor, and fully within reach at Seward County Community College.”

This Week on Campus, too, has a new look and feel. The weekly update to keep us all on the same page is, literally, and viewable on the Board Docs portal, college webpage, and the PR Office newsblog, “” We’ll archive each week on the blog, in case team members need to back track.

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