Talk with Dr. T in Sublette

Parents, students, community members welcome

As the region’s provider of higher education, Seward County Community College serves 11 outreach communities, providing rural high school students with access to early college coursework. That means SCCC is eager “to hear what rural communities want, starting with  Sublette,” says SCCC President, Dr. Ken Trzaska. He will visit Sublette at a “Talking with Dr. T” stop from 5 to 6 p.m. Feb. 5 (a Wednesday) at the Sublette school cafeteria.

KT02“At SCCC, I see our role as a way to level the playing field for students in the small towns that make up our service area,” Trzaska said. “When I advocate for SCCC in Topeka, I think it’s important to bring the conversation around to the Southwest part of the state.”

The Sublette event is open to parents, students, and community members from the community, including those from nearby Satanta.

“Please attend, ask questions, and tell us about your needs and concerns. Collaboration is vital in the work we do,” said Trzaska. “Every day, we strive to be a little better, and we welcome your ideas.”

SCCC offers outreach classes in Sublette and Satanta, as well as online course options and on-campus, concurrent classes open to high school students. For more information, contact your high school counselor or SCCC Outreach Coordinator Mike Bailey at 620-417-1044


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