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Enrollment for classes in the summer term and fall semester 2019 is now open, and Seward County Community College Registrar Alaina Rice is “so happy and excited,” she said. “We’re introducing an improved online enrollment option, and I know our students will find it incredibly helpful,” she said.

The online enrollment tool works for students who have SCCC ID numbers and log-in credentials on the college website’s student and team member portal. A video displayed on campus, and shared on the website and social media, outlines the process step by step. It is possible to enroll in classes at a computer or with a cell phone.

“When students are trying to juggle work, family obligations and most likely their current course load, it can be hard to take a lot of time to complete the steps for the next semester. A lot of students delay because they don’t feel like they have time to stop at the Registrar’s office on campus,” Rice said. “We are always happy to see them, and more than willing to help, but there are times of year when waiting in line creates a barrier for students who need to get registered for the next semester.”

Both Rice and Dean of Students Annette Hackbarth-Onson noted that the self-serve option should not be the only element in the academic journey.

“We encourage students to set aside time to meet with advisors, because that input can make a tremendous difference,” noted Dean of Students Annette Hackbarth-Onson. “Advisors are able to help students focus on their long-term goals and tailor the classes and schedule for real-life situations.” 

Once a student knows the important courses to take, it might be helpful to step back and cross-check other obligations for the best time of day to schedule that class, Hackbarth-Onson said. That is where the self-enroll option helps tremendously.

“If you know you need to complete a required gen-ed class that’s quick to fill, like public speaking or English comp I, you want to be able to get your name on the roster as soon as possible, and to change the time if it turns out you have a conflict,” said Hackbarth-Onson.

“This is one way to streamline the process, and save students from frustration, having to go back and forth to adjust their schedules.” said Rice. “Now that enrollment is open for summer classes and next fall, we hope they’ll give the new system a try.” 

For students who want to consult an advisor first, or prefer the pen-and-paper, face-to-face method, services are available as usual on campus from 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Class schedule listing is also viewable online through this link. 

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