2018 Movers: Q&A with Josh Revord


Prime Mover Joshua Revord

Joshua Revord is heading up the Digital Transformation Mover Group. The goal of this group, with help from the entire SCCC team, is to Develop electronic forms for online access for future students, serve & track current students, and empower team members,  and become mobile-friendly, wireless, & secure. 

The group goals connect to four of the college’s Key Directions —  1: Promote a safe & healthy campus; 2: Invest in teaching, learning, curriculum; 3:  Enhance financial & organizational vitality; and 4:  Expect high outcomes (recruitment, retention, and graduation).

Name & Title:

Joshua Revord, Application & Helpdesk Support

Years working at SCCC:


As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


How would you describe your job now, to a child?

I make things on computer to help people do their jobs better and easier.

Main reason for signing on to this Mover team?

It’s a chance for a leadership role, and is stepping outside of my box.

Why does the college need this Mover team project?

Staying on top of current trends and ensuring that the college is using the newest / best practices is important to provide the best quality education to our students. Simplifying processes and increasing efficiencies will allow us to work easier / faster as faculty and staff.

Funniest thing you saw this week?


I’m still not sure why he runs with his hands in the air like that.

Most beautiful thing you saw this week?

The sunset over the fields on the drive home.

Thing for which you are most grateful this week?

Wisconsin Badgers are (as of writing this) undefeated still.

What can SCCC team members do to help the Mover group succeed?

Come with an open mind, ready to discuss changing and improving processes (Even if those processes have been in place for a while).

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