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As we wrap up another year here at SCCC, I’ve been thinking about what word best describes our achievements over the last 10 months. “Remarkable” is certainly true, but what this team accomplished is much more than hard work, or good work, or even a lot of work. What we did is all those things, and it’s best summed up by the term “groundbreaking.”

We’ve talked a lot about forward motion over the past two years, and the team has sustained the momentum we began with. Now, we’ve begun to break into new territory — new ways of thinking about our work, new ways of organizing our time and resources and even ourselves. It all benefits the people who will come after us for years to come, and the students whose lives we touch right now.

Briefly, here are my Top 10 +1 highlights of the year.

We launched Blendflex, a cutting-edge course delivery tool and will offer 10 courses in this fashion next fall.

We collected three important student services  — advising, counseling & career services — into one department.

We improved the student experience with upgrades to laundry, dining options, healthier vending, and a trail system.

We wrote more chapters in our athletic success story, especially in women’s sports!

We strengthened partnerships with four-year universities in multiple areas, especially education and respiratory therapy.

We grew our concurrent programs at Liberal High School and area districts to nearly 900 students, and 34 concurrent grads.

We reached for the very highest standards in academics, with improvements in structure and awards to each division.

We reinvigorated our Alumni Association.

We worked with the SCCC Foundation to kick off a Capital Campaign, Students First Community Always, with $3.7 million already raised for the Sharp Champions Center and the Colvin Allied Health Center.

We said “hello” to our new athletic mascot & logo — Louie the Saint — which joins our institutional “leaf” logo introduced last June. Together these two emblems symbolize strength of character, excellence, and potential for the growth of each person.

… And the “Plus One” achievement, which will take form during the summer:  

We tackled long-standing areas of need on campus in top-notch fashion: upgraded sound system in the Greenhouse, new sound and lights in the Showcase Theater, and the addition of a “C-Store” style dining option at Industrial Technology — “Louie’s Place.” These areas represent our commitment to meeting students’ and team members’ needs, our Board of Trustees’ willingness to envision the future, and tremendous investments of time and collaborative effort by team members in many departments and divisions.

When you read over the list, I encourage each of you to think through your own best accomplishments, most valuable lessons, and brightest dreams for what we can do as we continue to move Seward Forward. As always, feel free to share those ideas with me. The “Dr T” email is the electronic version of my open office door, and I welcome your ideas.

Most important of all, know that you have my gratitude. When I tell people I have found the place that feels most like home, it is true, and deeply moving for me personally. I am honored to be your president and wish you a relaxing, reinvigorating season this summer.


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