The Travels of Hamlet

Hamlet, the cast-iron pig, wears a sweater lovingly handpainted by SCCC art instructor Dustin Farmer. He joined the SCCC family in 2015, with the mission of building relationships between team members. Everyone on campus — including Hamlet — tries to do their best, and it’s always nice to hear someone affirm the value of that work. Enjoy this document, which we recovered from Hamlet’s latest stop in the Math & Science offices. Our pig has been keeping a journal! Who knew?

August 2016

I have started my yearly rounds of visits around the campus at Seward County Community College, and will keep this diary to record my experiences.

Last year was filled with excitement, thanks to the brief tornado, the invasion of jackrabbits, and my debut in the Showcase Theater. I thought they would let me be in the show, but the director, Gloria Goodwin, told me the play took place in Hades, which was no place for a young pig like me.

My first stop for the 2016-17 year was in the Admissions Office, which is generally where people start their journey at SCCC. I was sent to secretary Candice Olson. She’s really nice. Students like Kathy Pugh say she helps them be brave and if wasn’t for her friendliness, they might not have enrolled in classes.

While I stayed in Candice’s office, I tried to sneak chocolates from the bowl she keeps on her desk, but my hooves could not open the wrappers. Instead, I kept my ears open to listen to her explain how college works to many people who don’t seem to know. This was perfect for me, as I am just a simple pig without a college education.

When I finish my travels this year, I will return to Candice and ask her to help me fill out an application.

Candice sent me away a week or two later, and I got to spend time with an instructor named Chris Hickman. He teaches something called “Process Technology.” At first, this frightened me, because processing is not something any pig wishes to experience. However, I soon learned that Chris is a gentle man in whose custody I was safe.

He understood my limitations, and shared Twinkies with me. This did not surprise me, because when Candice selected Mr. Hickman as my caretaker, she said it was on account of his patience and helpfulness.

Hamlet with Twinkie“He is always so attentive to all students that are interested in his program. He is a hard-working guy and even with all of the extra classes he is taking on due to process technology he never complains, always has a smile, and wants what is best for the students,” she said.

The Industrial Technology section of campus is sometimes viewed as an out-of-the-way section of the college, but it was fascinating to me. More pigs and their people should pay a visit to this division.

I enjoyed myself so much that I stayed for almost a month. When Mr. Hickman introduced me to David Hormig in the diesel technology program, I felt instantly at home. The wonderful aromas in the truck repair bays reminded me of my own origins in the cast-iron shop where I was created.

2016-08-23 11.48.50Life at the IT Division is busy in a different way than the other parts of campus, and I liked learning the daily patterns. Many students arrive, all at once, and they are boisterous and active. Mr. Hormig was once a military chaplain, and I can tell he practices the same virtues in teaching his students, with discipline that is tempered with kindness. Their antics do not faze him at all. When the 3:30 hour arrives, the young people go on their way, and it seems they stand a little straighter after spending time with Mr. Hormig. 

My next stop in IT was with Pam Flores. I can’t really call it a stop, because she almost never stands still. Mr. Hormig said she would enjoy a visit from me, because I pay attention to what people do. Cleaning up after others is not a job that gets a person much attention, and I felt very honored to help direct a bit of attention to Ms. Flores.


Pam Flores is a cheerful woman, and encouraged me, even on rainy days when I worried I might rust, to keep smiling. It seems to me she does her best, not only in keeping the division looking its best, but also to brighten the days of all the people in her area of work.


Check back on this page to read more of Hamlet’s diary about his adventures through the year!

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