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Students in librarySM
Fourth-grade students tour SCCC/ATS campus

Fourth grade isn’t too early to start thinking about college, as more than 150 students from Sunflower Intermediate School learned this month. Teachers Jennifer Bowden, Cheryl Eldridge, Lisa Foster, Gina Hill, Veronica Nevarez, Jessic

Mrs. EldridgeSM

Mrs. Eldridge leads 4th graders through exhibit.

a Ramos, Shannon Reachard, and Vera VanPool brought their classes to Seward County Community College/Area Technical School to view a Black History Month exhibit at the library and tour the campus.
SCCC/ATS library director Matt Pannkuk was pleased to learn intermediate-school students could benefit from the exhibit.
“We have a tradition of bringing exhibits like this in, to further the mission of the library and the college,” said Pannkuk. “Often, patrons come to see our displays, but never a group as young as this. It was overwhelmingly positive. The kids enjoyed themselves and asked a lot of great questions.”
For their part, the students relished the field trip, which included a one-hour tour around the college campus. Highlights included lecture hall and science lab classrooms in the Hobble Academic Building, a visit to the Saints Bookstore, Wellness Center and pool, and Greenhouse, as well as a peek at the Showcase Theater. They heard about the differences between their academic studies now and what lies ahead, marveled at the idea that class attendance is a personal responsibility, and caught a glimpse of Lady Saints volleyball practice in the Greenhouse.
“I want the students to see that college is something they can plan on,” said teacher Cheryl Eldridge. “It’s never too early to start putting down a good foundation.”
SCCC/ATS instructors stopped in the hallways to chat with the fourth-graders.
“Meet your future students,” said one tour guide. “They might be taking classes here in just five years as concurrent high school students.”
For now, fourth-graders can look forward to Kids’ College this summer. Scheduled for July 11-14, two morning sessions will offer children ages first- through eighth-grade a chance to sample art, comics, jewelry-making, criminal justice, karate, music, cheer and dance, math, archery, computer skills, cake decorating, journalism, and more. Cost is $35 per class, and more information is available at the Business & Industry office, 620-417-1170.

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