This Week on Campus

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All-Kansas champs, for all college categories! 

Journalism gets a bad rap these days, but our student reporters and photographers are doing a fabulous job with the Crusader News platforms — from the online news presence to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more. When instructor Sue Sprenkle took her students to the Kansas College Media convention in Wichita, they received the best affirmation imaginable: top-rated news website among all Kansas colleges. 

Let’s hear it from the kids themselves, in this write-up that exemplifies their hard work, enthusiasm, and thirst for excellence. The Crusader team brought home more than 30 awards for their coverage of sports, local political issues, college life, events, and even product reviews.

It’s worth pointing out that these students are gaining important skills that will serve them well, whatever they pursue in the world of employment. Just ask around campus, where multiple journalism veterans put their experience to use in all sorts of surprising ways.  The golden age of newspaper publication may be drawing to a close, but the ability to capture powerful images, tell compelling stories, and sum up facts and truths in clear language is always valuable.

Easter Egg Dash a success 

While we’re talking up the Crusader, take a look at their fun coverage of this week’s Easter Egg Dash in the Saints Bookstore

This week, next week, the week after … spring frenzy

Our Vice President of Student Services Celeste Donovan sometimes remarks that once April arrives, “it’s like a roller-coaster around here!” Kudos to Donovan for being able to say this with her trademark smile … we all know it is true. If you, like many of the team, are feeling a little frazzled, know that you are not alone. We are in it together, and commencement is coming. Here’s a comprehensive list of upcoming events happening all over campus this week, and in the coming weeks. Maybe you want to start with the coffee-tasting event tonight (April 17) over at Louie’s Place. The free fun starts at 5. See you there!

Reverie invite


Friday – Monday, April 19-22: Easter Break (no classes; business offices open on Monday)

Saturday, April 20: Baseball vs. Hutchinson games at 1:00 and 3:30 pm Brent Gould Field

• SB vs Northwest KS Technical College games at 2:00 & 4:00 p.m. French Family Field

Tuesday, April 23: Softball v Lamar at 2 & 4: p.m. French Family Field – last home games

• TRiO Recognition banquet, 6:30 p.m.

Champions Center inviteThursday, April 25: Groundbreaking for Sharp Family Champions Center, 11 a.m. (ceremony, rally, lunch, followed by baseball doubleheader game)

Friday, April 26: Hall of Fame/Athletic Awards banquet at 6 pm.

• Spring concert, 7 p.m. at Showcase Theater, Tickets $3 to benefit music endowment.

• Region VI Tournament – men’s and women’s tennis Bluebonnet Park, times/players TBD, continues Saturday, April 27


Friday, May 3:  Liberal/Seward County Development Corp. meeting, noon – 2 p.m.

• Nursing Capping/Pinning ceremony,  6 p.m. Greenhouse gym

Saturday, May 4: Commencement 10 a.m., followed by outdoor reception for all

• Post-commencement luncheon at 12:30 at LCC (by invitation only)

Monday, May 6: Regular Board of Trustees meeting 7:30 p.m. board room

Tuesday, May 7: Telolith release reception, 12 noon, Shank Humanities Building

• Moonlight Finals Breakfast, 8:30-10 p.m. cafeteria

Thursday-Saturday, May 9-11: BSB Region VI first round playoffs – TBD

Monday, May 13: Service awards 11:00 a.m. theater

• Summer hours begin and run through Friday, July 26. Regular hours resume July 29. Campus will be closed on Fridays during that time period.

Tuesday, May 14:  Retirement Reception 3:30-5:30 p.m. SW229 S&D

TBD/Schedule change:

  • GED Graduation will be moved to a different date and location this year, most likely the Showcase Theatre, on a Saturday. This will enable the participants to enjoy the event in a more pleasant and intimate environment rather than a small portion of the large gymnasium space.

When plans are finalized, look for a public announcement!

The Travels of Hamlet

Hamlet lives on the edge at Industrial Tech with Teresa Troutner and Chris Hickman …


Hamlet headed to Industrial Tech to cheer Teresa Troutner on in her work as division secretary. She likes to keep things low-key, but we know her team treasures Teresa, as noted by dean Travis Combs in a fan-post earlier this year.

He wrote: “We have a special person in our school. She is not a teacher, yet she has a special bond with most students in the school. She is not the Dean, but she can take charge in most situations. She is not a teacher-aide or assistant yet, all look to her for help. She is not the custodian, but she often opens doors in the morning and locks them at night. She does not drive a bus, yet she knows which bus every high school student in the school takes to go home. She is not the administrator, yet all look to her for answers because she knows.  

You might think that a person with the skills of an administrator, accountant, teacher, social worker, guidance counselor and real estate broker should be making one terrific wage. Unfortunately, she receives the meager wage of the school’s division secretary. Without her, we would be lost.”

After a week in her care, Hamlet heartily concurs.

Teresa moved Hamlet over to Process Technology to affirm Chris Hickman’s high-quality work, not only in his course load, but as head of the energy department. As the team leader, he keeps everyone on course with his quiet, wry good humor, and helped everyone focus through the long process of applying for a historic National Science Foundation grant.

As far as his social influence goes, it’s possible Hickman’s accepting nature endangered Hamlet. He introduced our campus pig to some country cookout fans in the office, and they nearly persuaded the innocent porker to attend a weekend barbecue.

It was a narrow escape, but

… he made it to safety with Charity  Horinek

Hickman selected Charity Horinek as the Hamlet recipient after working closely with her for more than a year in the National Science Foundation grant-writing process. Charity, who is the executive director of grant funding at the college, “knows how to put what we do into words, so much better than any of us could,” he said. “It’s almost like magic.”

Horinek has worked at SCCC for nearly five years and has literally brought in more than $1 million of additional funding through various grant applications and partnerships. But Hickman said there’s something even more valuable about this team member: “She’s a lot of fun to work with,” he said. Yay for teamwork!

Hamlet Silhouette BadgeThe theme for employee affirmation in 2018-19 is “Work Happy with Hamlet.” We want to focus attention on the everyday grind that means so much in the long run — in other words, to remember that we all work too hard not to have some fun along the way.

Hamlet will be passed along from one team member to another this year, with the Marketing Office to serve as his publicist and booking agent. Here’s how it will work:

Each Friday, Hamlet arrives at his stop, at 9 a.m., in the office of someone who has worked especially hard, and been nominated by a coworker. Marketing will tag along to document the hand-off, and send out a news release to spread the word.