This Week on Campus

We’re on our way! Team members walk the Circle Drive in the early morning sun as part of professional development last week. Preparations for a great semester continue, and we’ll welcome students to campus this weekend, Aug. 18. Weekly updates to this page will keep you in the know so that you never miss an all-team event.

Events for Everyone

Many times, folks on campus walk through Hobble Hallway and catch a glimpse of student presentations in the lecture halls, or realize the SCCC Library is hosting a lunch-and-learn lecture with free food. Over at the Saints Bookstore, sales and Saints Athletes send-offs regularly bring a crowd to campus. Cosmetology offers monthly deals, and it’s better to know about them early so you can take part in awesome, low-price pedicures.

All these things are great … if you know they’re happening. This page aims to cut back on the confusion and include more Saints family members in events on campus. Check it weekly to see what’s scheduled.

Week of August 13, 2018
  • Monday, Aug. 13: So much to learn. New employee orientation is scheduled this afternoon, beginning at 1 p.m. in the Student Union, room 214 E/W. Along with Dr. T’s favorite team building activities, our new employees will get the inside track on campus and community resources, institutional practices, and how to schedule a college vehicle, reserve a room, or get business cards printed. At 4 p.m., new employees will head over to Billy’s BBQ for a bit of R&R.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 14: Free stuff.  In partnership with the Liberal Area Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, and USD 480 school district, the college will host the New Educator’s Breakfast in SW229 at 6:30 a.m. New educators (including those hired during the course of the previous academic year) are invited to the hot breakfast and lots of giveaway items.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 15: We need your mug shot. If you haven’t done so already, stop in the Marketing office this afternoon to get your directory photo taken! These photos will be forwarded to IT so that ID cards can be created, and a thumbnail image of your smiling face will display on emails. Returning employees, if you are happy with your existing photo, no worries; if you want a new one — also, no worries. If you are new, this is a mandatory stop. Please don’t worry. Marketing is located at the north end of Hobble Hall, in office suite A 190, and you may call ahead if you wish, to 417-1125 (Rachel) or 417-1126 (Phil).
  • All week: Students wanted. Enrollment, advising, and financial aid services are available, so remind students you know to stop in and take care of these details! Several instructors have issued a call for enrollments:• Visual BASIC on MWF at 9 a.m. / Ed Hall• Creative Writing on W, 6-9 p.m. / Janice Northerns• Acting 1 & 2 on TR, 2-3:30 p.m. / Michele Van Hessen

    • Machine Tool Technology course of study / Butch Garst

  • Also all week: Free stuff at Saints Bookstore. Students can enter a drawing to win a backpack full of goodies if they come to the bookstore and get textbooks this week
  • Friday, Aug. 17: Kudos to our newest graduates! Graduation ceremony and luncheon for our newest group of CDL (Commercial Driver’s License/Truck Driving) graduates is set for noon in the Student Union, Room 214 E/W. Instructors Michael McCarthy and Manuel Hernandez will present this cohort of newly-minted drivers with their certification.
  • Saturday, Aug. 18: They’re back. It’s move-in day at our Student Living Center, with Resident Assistants on hand to help haul suitcases, and JJ Widener, Director of IT, to lend a hand with connectivity and log-in issues. Dorm residents can get student IDs and key cards on site. A limited set of campus offices will be open for our newest Saints:• Financial Aid, 2-4 p.m.• Cashier’s Window, 2-4 p.m.• Registrar’s Office, 2-4 p.m.

    • Saints Bookstore, 1-4 p.m. (Also on Saturday, Aug. 25!).

    Saturday evening, all SCCC team members and their families are invited to join our new Saints, parents, college administrators and board of trustees members for a relaxing evening in the SLC courtyard. We’ll have a cookout dinner at 5:30, lawn games and plenty of time to relax and celebrate the start of a new year. Please join us! Be sure to bring your own lawn chair or picnic blanket.

Student Life

Students are at the heart of everything we do at Seward. This page is a place for SCCC faculty and staff to keep up with activities planned by Student Life, as well as club and organizational activities that enable our Saints to achieve their potential.

RAs 2018-19
Back row, from left: Owen Martin of Waverly, Neb., Isiah Small of Jersey City, N.J., Cole Evans of Liberal, Kyra Kalani of Hugoton; front row, from left, Paul Fisher, Tyler Mangels, Angel Meza of Satanta, Kalen Green of Forney, Texas, Laci Rush of Liberal,  Cassandra Esquibel of Gallup, N.M., Corrina Porras of Colorado Springs, and Jennifer Malin. (SCCC Housing staff in bright blue shirts.)
Meet the hardy souls known as ‘Resident Assistants’ for 2018-19

Resident Assistant Training began this Monday morning at 8 a.m., and continues through the week, with Student Housing Director Jennifer Malin, and her seasoned assistants Paul Fisher — that’s “Fisher” without a “C”! — and Tyler Mangels to steer everyone on the right course. Stop and welcome these students to campus, as they prepare to keep order, provide peer support, and maintain sanity in student housing.

Their training will include CPR certification, maintenance and security basics, workshops on mental health, suicide prevention and peer support, along with fun stuff like swimming, frisbee golf, and visits to several of Liberal’s favorite eating establishments, including locally-owned Jac’s Kitchen and El Pastorcito (AKA “Mexican Sonic” by Liberalites).

Welcome these RAs to campus if you see them, wearing their distinctive dark green, bright blue, or grey T-shirts throughout training exercises this week.

Last week to sign up for the Welcome Week Campus Fair

Wade Lyon continues to organize participations in the Campus Fair scheduled for Monday , Aug. 20, in the Greenhouse. Local businesses, organizations and groups are invited to participate in the evening event, which includes free dinner. It’s a great opportunity for year-round residents of Liberal to welcome and connect with our Saints. For information, or to reserve a table, contact Wade at 417-1064. Deadline is Aug. 17.

At home in Liberal 

Let’s talk about walking

You may have noticed the ever-expanding pathway system at SCCC, connecting our main campus hub to the Industrial Tech Campus and Louie’s Place, looping to the agriculture division and heading toward the softball complex.

More is planned, thanks to a very generous, competitive grant called Pathways, awarded to the Liberal Area Coalition for Families, a reliable partner of this college. The funds total $500,000 and it has been awarded through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. One of the Pathways offers us the opportunity to make a plan to improve, as well as make new trails and sidewalks in our community.

Here’s where we need to do some talking. In a recent community forum, only 12 people showed up to share ideas for more pathways in town. As the LACF notes, “this is something that makes living in our community better and is attractive to those wanting to come here. Trails and sidewalks provide safe connectivity to residents who cannot drive, but need to get schools, stores, and about town.”

But rather than dwell on what has already happened, LACF has provided another opportunity to give input on-line.

Please go to and share your thoughts about the Pedestrian and Biking Plan for our community.

Here are some examples of helpful information:

• Can your child safely walk or bike to school? Where would be helpful to put a sidewalk or bike path so they can walk or bike?

• Is there an area in town that needs a lengthened sidewalk or bike path to provide more connectivity to needed resources?

• Is there sidewalk in front of your house? What condition is it in? Does it lead to another sidewalk?

• Is there an area in town that would be conducive for a lengthy trail?

Everyone who comments between now and Oct. 31 has a chance at a $100 visa gift card.

Steve Wiens Works Happy with Hamlet

This week’s honoree … Steve Wiens, controller, Title V Project Director, all-around nice guy.

Steve and HamletThere’s no telling where you might have met Steve, whose regular desk is in the budgeting/accounts payable nook in the business office. That’s because Steve is willing to fill in at the public-payment business counter, the reception desk, the scheduling station — and pretty much anywhere he is asked.

In nominating him to receive “Hammy,” coworker Barbara Feese said, “He’s just awesome. He’s a team player, willing to be the cashier, the receptionist, whatever we need.“

What Barbara noticed is spot-on, as Steve has worked in many capacities over the years. Before we were lucky enough to welcome him to the Hobble Building, he provided oversight for Title V grant program at the Industrial Tech division, helping launch the corrosion, compressed natural gas, and process tech courses of study, and even filling in to instruct when needed.

Other fun facts about Steve: You may see his face on a billboard in Greensburg, Kan., on U.S. Hwy. 54, as the poster child for successful cardiac rehabilitation. And, we’ve heard a rumor that he makes the best strawberry angel food cake known to humanity.

Hamlet Silhouette BadgeThe theme for employee affirmation in 2018-19 is “Work Happy with Hamlet.” We want to focus attention on the everyday grind that means so much in the long run — in other words, to remember that we all work too hard not to have some fun along the way. 

Hamlet will be passed along from one team member to another this year, with the Marketing Office to serve as his publicist and booking agent. Here’s how it will work:

Each Friday, Hamlet arrives at his stop, at 9 a.m., in the office of someone who has worked especially hard, and been nominated by a coworker. Marketing will tag along to document the hand-off, and send out a news release to spread the word.