Seward Celebrates … Patriot Day 2020

Join us for an online salute to first responders and frontline workers as we navigate today’s challenges in the spirit of 9/11.

We’ll host a Facebook Premiere video event at 11 a.m. Sept. 11, 2020, on our official college page. Check here for an archived video of that content!

Read a powerful personal memoir

Ed Poley is a former SCCC team member and college friend, a U.S. Army Veteran and a retired officer in the Kansas Army National Guard. Click this link to view a short interview with Ed.

Click here to read Ed’s personal memoir, “Nobody Really Cares.”

Join our virtual parade of heroes!

Click this link for an online look at the heroes who keep us healthy, fight for freedom, and provide essential services to those in need. Content available after our Facebook Premiere / TBA

Meet two Respiratory Therapy heroes on campus in this video interview!

Be your own hero!

The pandemic has stretched the limits of our social response networks. The plus side? People have stepped up to the challenge. The tough part? Stress like this takes a toll, and we are all processing trauma more than ever before. Southwest Guidance Center therapist and military veteran Brian Rixon offers practical tips for first responders and anyone who’s struggling to take care of themselves.

Access Brian’s one-hour session here. TBA

Access Brian’s full, 2.5 hour training module here. TBA

We would love to see veterans and first responders on campus for a noonday cookout like we have hosted in the past.

Since we can’t be together, here’s a giant “thank you” from our Saints family!

Louie the Saint … Trusty Mascot of SCCC

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