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Welcome to the page that gives visitors the inside scoop on everything happening at SCCC this week. If you’d like to print or view the pdf version of the newsletter with clickable links, it’s right here >>>. TWOC 09.07.2020

A virtual CTE Expo for area high school students is planned for Sept. 30, but response from area high schools has been inconsistent. Understandable, since we are all scrambling to adjust in the World of Education. That said, we need your help to spread the word about the Expo!

Pre-COVID-19, the annual Career Tech-Education Expo brought 600 + high school students to campus to explore programs in Industrial Tech, Allied Health, Business, Agriculture, and Personal Services. Short presentations by instructors plus a job fair with industry partners who could eventually become the first employers of Saints alumni, plus a cookout, and we had a great recruiting event.

This year is different. We know schools are scrambling to get the academic year started, juggling technology requirements, and more. If you know high school students or instructors, have teaching partnerships with area schools, live in a surrounding community … if you are a social media user … please help us spread the word! The CTE Expo is a fantastic opportunity for high school students and we want to reach as many as possible.

The CTE planning committee will make a decision about the feasibility of this event in the next week, based on the feedback we receive from area schools and preregistration numbers. The event is free. For more information, contact B&I at 620-417-1171, or Industrial Tech secretary Teresa Troutner at 417-1652.


COVID-19 Playbook updates are viewable now

If you headed out early on Friday for the Labor Day weekend, you might have missed the newest version of the COVID-19 Playbook, which can be viewed at, and will soon be posted on the > covid19 resources.

Here’s a link, ICYMI (in case you missed it).

The COVID-19 response team continues to field questions about the process for students returning to campus after COVID-19 contact. The standard time for quarantine after direct, close contact is 14 days. For other types of exposure, quarantine recommendations vary from 72 hours to 10 days, depending on a number of variables. 

Locally, several students have reported difficulty in scheduling appointments to obtain a doctor’s note to return to campus. For now, the Playbook no longer requires doctor’s notes from students. However, there is still a desire to establish a process through which students can confirm to instructors that they have completed the appropriate steps for health and safety, The response team will take another look at the recommendations and processes at its regular meeting on Tuesday, and report any subsequent changes. 

From many instructors and the dean of student services Annette Hackbarth-Onson, we hear positive reports that students have been extremely compliant overall. 

“Our students really are wonderful,” she said. “The students I meet tell me they will do anything they can to keep the campus open and wearing the mask is a very small detail if that is what it allows us to do. I hear this repeatedly.”

Let’s continue to affirm the students who are doing what they can to stop the spread of COVID-19! 


Saints softball coaches Ryan Wondrasek and Audry Voboril put labor —and puppies —into the Labor Day weekend for Saints athletes. Softball team members showed up at the Liberal Animal Shelter to clean cages, feed and water animals, and even show them a little love. Shout-out to these servant leaders! The Saints softball team roster is: Macy Spearman, Jaci Oakley, Ayanna Clemons, Alondra Galindo, Leilani Yerem, Melissa Crisanti, Jacie Scott, Nissy Lechuga, Ireland Caro, Sara Lock, Hannah Schulman, Ava Howie, Reagan Watt, Priscilla Worthington, Ashley Low, AJ Luna, Emily Mojica, and Alyssah Pontoja. Community service projects are sometimes tricky to set up with masks and social distancing, but these student athletes and their coaches found a way.   #CommunityMatters #GoodToBeGreen.


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