This Week on Campus

78166945_2860773303956422_4677776983768170496_oThey made history! 

Women’s volleyball made it to the very top and played a knuckle-biting five rounds for the championship last weekend. The finish was historic for SCCC, and provided an amazing experience for spectators and fans.

Dr. T noted that the experience was deeply moving, as he shared in a LinkedIn and Facebook message on Sunday.

“Many of us have been involved with athletics as a fan or maybe as the athlete. Whatever our experience, there often comes a team of players or coaches with whom we feel a connection because they embody the very best of what it means to lead through coaching. Then there are the players who carry themselves with a level of grace and enthusiasm admirable and inspirational.

Head coach Tony Trifanov and assistants Parker Thompson and Mariela Trifanov represent a coaching core that is simply remarkable. I congratulate them on behalf of our entire Saints family and all fans out there.

This year our volleyball team accomplished something we’ve never before accomplished in the history of our program — earning a spot in the D1 championships match. We are fortunate to be an extension of this team of coaches — three exceptional individuals we can all look up to. ”

Spring enrollment accelerates 

Even as we hurtle toward semester’s end, spring — and a new semester — await SCCC in 2020. Instructors and academic team members are busily promoting the next slate of courses, and PR and marketing is here to help. If you are introducing a new class, or apprehensive about enrollment numbers, please email with details about your class. We will be happy to help with poster, social media, and direct promotion via radio and on-campus video screens.

If you prefer to make a start on your own, we’ve provided this handy one-page style guide to point you in the right direction … Just click, open, print, and keep at your desk when you sit down to make any posters:  Logo and institutional identity 2019 for web

Remember, all publicly posted materials that connect to the college’s name and identity MUST BE APPROVED through the PR office.

Take a look at these classes on offer … spring sounds exciting already.

HPERD class promoLit Classes Spring 2020 poster2

Take a seat at the Native American Heritage Month table

Since childhood, Thanksgiving has drawn our attention to the interactions between the original inhabitants of the Americas and the colonists who arrived here. No matter what your view of the politics around the issue, we can all agree that the connection between two different cultures is powerful. Lives change. New relationships are formed. We grow.

Locally, we have experienced the process as Liberal’s demographics shift. One way to understand the changes is to view the “long arc” of history, starting with the land itself, and the many people who have made it their home. It is interesting to contemplate the sense of identity held by many of our neighbors who arrive from Mexico, Guatemala, and other places: the process of colonization in Central and South America has blurred ties to the indigenous people groups of those lands as it has in North America.

In a personal reflection, SCCC English Instructor Lori Muntz offers us the lens of poetry and novels that speak to identity, connections with the land, and history as experienced by various groups.Several of her book recommendations and personal favorites are available at the SCCC library, with more to come. Take a seat at Lori’s literary Thanksgiving table via the link below, and enjoy a good read over the holiday break.



Telolith 2020 is collecting content!

Telolith is the annual literary arts magazine published each spring. Poetry and short pieces of fiction and non-fiction are welcome. This is a first call with submissions due by Dec. 11, 2019. For information about how to submit your writing, contact Lori Muntz at

This week and next …

Reminder: If you purchased a smoked pork loin from our Saints Athletes, the pork has arrived and is ready for pick up. (Don’t tell Hamlet, as this is a need-to-know fundraiser). Stop by Brandie Winter’s desk in the Athletics office after 1 p.m. to pay ($30 each, if you haven’t pre-paid) and collect your delicious pork loin. 

Monday, Dec. 2:  Homecoming Candidate nominations due! Can it be time to prepare for SCCC Homecoming? Yes, it is. Club/Organization homecoming candidates are due  in the office of Student Life Director Wade Lyon …. TODAY. Questions? Contact Wade in his office at SU118, or 417-1064.

• Final Treats deadline. HALO (Hispanic American Leadership Organization) sponsors this care package project annually, delivering treat bags to students as finals heat up. You can still order one for your student worker, for $20; deliver checks to SCCC HALO, or contact Frances Brown at extension 1300.

• SCCC Board Meeting, the last of the year. The board will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the board room of the Hobble Building, and the public (as always) is welcome. Check out the Board Docs link to view the agenda.

• Late Night at the Library. To assist students preparing for finals, the SCCC library will be open until midnight through Thursday of this week, and again on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Tuesday, Dec. 3: Finals = Stress. Stress = Student Life to the rescue!

Fall De-Stress 2019

Thursday, Dec. 5: Saints ESP will be hosting a trailmix bar fundraiser in front of the library. Please plan to stop by and build your own bag of trailmix. $1 will get a snack size bag and $2 will get a sandwich size bag.

Friday, Dec. 6:  Holiday Concert! Mark your calendar for the winter concert presented by the SCCC Music Department. It’s set for 7 p.m., Friday, Dec. 6, in the Showcase Theater. Tickets are $3, with all proceeds earmarked for the music scholarship fund.

Saturday, Dec. 7: Time to Hustle at this holiday tradition sponsored by the SCCC alumni office and partnering agencies. Think of the walk/run as a counterbalance to all the great food coming your way.  Plus, there are medals! Santa Claus! And unlimited hot beverages! The Holiday Hustle is offered in partnership with the Liberal Area Coalition for Families and the Pathways for a Healthy Kansas project.

Holiday Hustle

Sunday, Dec. 8: Annual SCCC Team Christmas Celebration! Join the team Sunday from 12-1:30 p.m. at SW229 on the second floor of the Student Union building. This is a come-and-go lunch buffet. We will, once again, have fabulous door prizes – but you must be present to win! Family members are welcome. We will also be collecting non-perishable food items, should you care to donate.

Hamlet in Neon

The Travels of Hamlet

Amy Knudsen and Dinora Isidoro, Human Resources


Human Resources is the place where the Saints team members go for answers, advice, reassurance, and more. It’s also the place where paychecks originate, so there’s a reason for every person on campus to send some love that way.

Hamlet led the charge Monday, as interim HR head Maria Dennison passed the pig to Payroll Specialist Amy Knudsen and Human Resources Assistant Dinora Isidora.

Maria could not be more effusive over Amy’s and Dinora’s work ethic and commitment to the college.

“These ladies are loyal,” Maria said. “They care about this college. The hours that they put in on a daily basis to make sure payroll is done, recruiting is done and any other questions that need to be answered are answered. I have worked with a lot of people, but these ladies are dynamic.”

We’re so thankful for Amy’s and Dinora’s competence and commitment, particularly during this year when HR has had its hands full, and one office empty. We join Hamlet in saying we appreciate you and all you do!

Dr. Joe McCann, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. McCann & Hamlet

It’s not easy to step into a key role like vice president of academic affairs, by Dr. Joe McCann did it with a smile in August, and it’s that ability to see the bright side amid change and stress (though we didn’t actually witness any signs of stress) that brought Hamlet to Dr. McCann this week. 

The HR ladies gladly deployed Hamlet to Dr. McCann and our campus pig is already cozying up to the VP.

“He came in right in the middle of everything – a new academic year, the Higher Learning Commission visit – and just took care of anything that was needed,” the HR team said. “He has such a positive attitude.”

Students know it, too: during the first week of classes, Dr. McCann was spotted directing traffic and helping freshmen find their way through the halls to the proper classroom. He used a map, because he was new on campus, too — but you could see right away that he knows how to connect with students, no matter what the situation.

Enjoy your week with Hamlet, Dr. McCann!

The theme for employee affirmation in 2019-20 is “Shine” with our awesome pig, Hamlet. He doesn’t let gravity — or anything else — limit his activities, and that reminds us of the Saints family. Amid the challenges of daily life and the dark clouds that sometimes come, our team shines. Let’s aspire to tell each other when we see those moments of awesomeness. 

For those of you who haven’t met Hamlet, he travels the campus in search of excellence and hard work. Who better to ask than our own team members? Each week, Hamlet shows up in his green wagon, with a word of appreciation and a photo op for team members who merit a little extra recognition.