July 1, 2020 : COVID-19 update

Emergency funds distributed to more than 250 SCCC students; requirements to apply updated for summer

LIBERAL, Kan.  — Fully half the $734,560 of emergency stimulus money from state and federal sources allotted to Seward County Community College is earmarked for direct aid to students. At the 45-day mark since funding arrived, SCCC students have received $190,000 of the total, with more to be distributed.

“We will use no less than $367,280 as emergency assistance to students,” said SCCC Vice President of Finance and Operations Dennis Sander.  The signed certification and agreement has been returned to the Department of Education, as required by law. Regular updates will track the use of all funds.

The college’s financial response team opened applications in late April in order to move the money quickly to students who need it. The first round of checks to 147 students was distributed the week of May 11. As of June 23, 255 students had received aid.

“We want to ensure our students who are experiencing hardship related to COVID-19 have access to the help intended for them, so we created an application process that is direct and simple,” said vice president of student services Celeste Donovan. 

The swiftly-disbursed funds can be applied to students’ areas of greatest need, referred to by federal agencies as “relief of extraordinary needs owing to COVID-19,” provided that those needs are directly connected the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting their educational process.  That may include daily living supplies and food, housing, transportation, child care, textbooks, technology, Internet access, and more, provided that these needs are demonstrably tied to the student’s educational situation changing because of COVID-19.  Maximum disbursement is $1,500, and each student application for Round 1 was evaluated individually. The college originally counted 720 eligible students as potential recipients.

The DOE requires monthly updates about how the institution determined which students did or will receive aid, instruction, guidance, & directions provided to student.  The reports can be viewed here:

COVID-19 CARES Act Financial Support Form HEERF 1st Round(4/16/20-6/18/20)

COVID-19 CARES Act Emergency Funds HEERF– Students 2nd Round(6/18/20-TBD)

Current Round 2 applicants include students who:

• are enrolled at Seward County Community College for summer course work that was originally planned and offered as an on-course class, and

• have completed a 2019-20 FASFA that is on file with SCCC and

• possess a high school diploma or a GED and

• currently demonstrate SAP (satisfactory academic progress).


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